Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment of the pulp or nerve of the tooth. A tooth may need a Root Canal if there is an infection of the nerve (often caused from cavities), or if the tooth has undergone enough trauma that symptoms come and go and/or remain for a long period of time. Routine basic exams once or twice a year can often prevent the need for a root canal by discovering dental problems in the early stages.

In severe cases, formation of an abscess and swelling can occur, causing mild or extreme discomfort. We may put you on a prescription of antibiotics prior to doing the Root Canal in order to allow for proper freezing of the area. This is a temporary solution only and if the procedure is not completed the symptoms are likely to return. If left unattended for too long the tooth may need to be extracted and a tooth replacement considered to prevent other consequences to the neighboring teeth. A root canal allows us to eliminate pain and save your tooth.

A root canal can take 1-3 visits depending on the severity of the infection and difficulty level of uncovering your tooth canals which like your blood vessels can narrow with age and disease.

If you have pain symptoms lets attend to them quickly before large infection or tooth loss occur.

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So happy with the level of service we received yesterday. Everyone was super nice and communicated clearly with what was being done and what needed to be done. They were also flexible, working with what appointment days and times best suited our hectic schedule. We are so grateful!

- Carrie Wheeler

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