Air Abrasion

Air abrasion allows for removal of tooth decay and other applications without the use of a traditional drill. This is done by spraying a fine stream of silica, aluminum oxide or baking soda mixture of particles at the tooth which acts as a mini sandblaster. The particles are then removed via suction by a thin tube.

Some common uses include:

  • Removal of minimal decay and superficial staining
  • Preparation for a sealant or bonding
  • Removal of old composite fillings

Advantages of air abrasion include:

  • Absence of heat generation
  • Reduces the need for local anesethetic
  • Less invasive (less removal of natural tooth structure)
  • The prepped tooth remains drier which helps with bonding of filling materials to the tooth
  • The procedure is quick and the dentist can treat multiple areas in one sitting

Air abrasion is ideal for use in children and others who are fearful and have minimal decay.

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