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Sidney Dental Welcomes New Patients

Your First Visit

Typically your first visit is for a comprehensive examination. If you have an urgent dental issue, we will address this at your first appointment, then schedule a follow-up appointment for your comprehensive examination.

At your examination appointment, you will spend a full hour with our professional dental team.  At the beginning of the appointment, we will discuss things that are important to you. If you feel you have some priorities regarding your dental health and your smile, we will take the time to understand the areas that concern you. Once we feel as though we understand what’s important to you, we will conduct an examination. We will check your teeth, gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, salivary glands, jaw muscles, and jaw joints. A thorough oral cancer screening will be completed.

We will update your x-rays if necessary. We take only the minimum number of x-rays necessary to provide a complete examination. We use digital x-rays, which require only about 10% of the radiation from traditional x-rays, and we use a lead apron with a thyroid collar. We will also take a series of photographs of your teeth.

Note: If you have recent x-rays from a previous dentist (less than 6 months old), please let us know and we will have them forwarded to us.

Once the examination is complete, we will give you a tour of your mouth using your photographs and digital x-rays. By the end of the appointment, you will know everything there is to know about your mouth! If there are areas of concern, we will review different options to address them. There will be plenty of time for questions as well.

The only objective at this time is to get to know you, and to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your oral health including your dental hygiene needs.  If there are areas of concern you wish to address we’ll discuss your options, determine the next step, and find a convenient appointment time for you to return for treatment.

And that’s it! A painless and informative appointment, with enough time to ask questions and get to know each other and understand what your dental needs include.  

We complete each appointment with a warm towel as your comfort is our priority.  

There are some forms you will need to fill out for your first visit. If it is convenient for you, see our Patient Forms page, where you can view and print the documents. If you want to save some time at your appointment, you can complete the forms and bring them to your first visit.

At your first appointment, please provide:

  • Your Personal Health number (Formerly the MSP Care Card)
  • A list of medications you are presently taking.
  • If you have medical or dental insurance, please bring your insurance card or number and a breakdown of your benefits. 

This will save time and allow us to help you process any claims or pre-determinations.   We offer this service as a courtesy for you and your family.  



Please download the form below. Please print and fill out at home and bring with you to the dental office.

Make an Appointment

Make an Appointment

So happy with the level of service we received yesterday. Everyone was super nice and communicated clearly with what was being done and what needed to be done. They were also flexible, working with what appointment days and times best suited our hectic schedule. We are so grateful!

- Carrie Wheeler

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